Exercise – Use Canned Food to Burn Off Extra Calories – Cholesterol and Carbs

Are you trying to find a way to cut down on your exercise, but you don’t want to go the tedious route of taking a workout book and some pills to throw in there. There are tons of foods that can be turned into an effective diet alternative.

The Boston Vegetarian Diet has been tried and tested as it measures the number of calories that is lost through the body.

For those trying to stay under 200 calories on a daily basis, the diet contains the following items

  1. 1) Beans – Beans meal, soy bean protein, canola and alfalfa meal.
  2. 2) Wedges – servings of broccoli, carrots, cabbage, stalks of celery plus chives.
  3. 3) Oatmeal – made up of unrefined white rice along with oatmeal or spelt.
  4. 4) Jerky – homemade or lean protein such as Queso fresco.
  5. 5) Meats and seafood – assorted grilled seafood, seafood, crab, lobster, salmon, cut veal
  6. 6) Protein bars – protein powders.
  7. 7) Fruit – grapes, cucumbers, watermelon, apples, onions, carrots for salads.
  8. 8) Cream of wheat – fresh, whole grain.
  9. 9) Dried beans – 20-40% juice.
  10. 10) Turmeric – dried raw seeds, dried cooked.
  11. 11) Vegetable concentrates – soybean, canola, walnut, pre-packed
  12. 12) Snacks – Lean beef – Roast beef, chicken, funnel cake, chicken breast, touch of turkey, whole grain rice crackers, whole grain wheat crackers, oats, oats, tuna, salmon, salads.
  13. 13) R Doritos – salt and pepper.
  14. 14) Sugar free fruit – citrus, guava, cantaloupe, grapes, bananas.

There are plenty, many, many more, that can be used or refined that don’t promote weight loss on the scale.At the very least, cabbage, turnips, cabbages, broccoli, cabbage plays effect on your metabolism by adding fiber and water native to the food.